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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next sailing to my chosen destination?

Sailings are usually weekly or twice a month depending on the destination; please check with the office for this information on 020 8888 8787

What documents do I need?

Sri Lanka – Full name and addresses as per the passport

Philippines – Detailed packing list per box

Indonesia – Detailed packing list per box and passport copy

Other destinations – Passport copy and detailed packing list

What are the sizes of boxes supplied by Trico?

T/CHEST CARTON | 24 x 20 x 17 | 40 – 50 KGs | 5 Cubic Feet

TV CARTON – MEDIUM | 24 x 24 x 24 | 50 – 60 KGs | 8 Cubic Feet

TV CARTON – LARGE | 34 x 23 x 28 | 65 – 75 KGs | 13 Cubic Feet

What is the maximum weight allowed in each box?

T/ Chest Carton – 40kgs

TV Carton – Medium – 50kgs

TV Carton – Large – 70kgs

Does Trico provide transport?

Yes – Trico can provide its own transport within the M25.
Transport to addresses outside of London can be also arranged: please let us know your postcode.

Will Trico be able to match a quote given by a competitor?

We will try to where possible, depending on the size of the shipment.

Can Trico come and pack my cargo?

For small shipments, we deliver empty cartons, for which you will need to pay a deposit at the time of delivery, but we will not pack small boxes for you. Once you have packed, securely sealed and labelled them we will come and collect them.

For large shipments where you are moving abroad, we can offer in house packing and removal. The cost of this will depend on the number of bedrooms, your location and how many days it will take us.

How long will it take for my goods to reach the destination?

Sri Lanka – 23 to 27 days approximately

Philippines – 35 days approximately

Indonesia – 30 days approximatelyThese transit times are from date of sailing to date of arrival at destination. There can some times be delays due to unforeseen circumstances from the shipping line.

What is ‘door to door service’?

This service is the payment to take your goods up to your address at your choice of destination and can be opted for when you pay your freight service. It includes customs clearance, local port charges, local transport and the local agency fee. This service excludes customs duty and taxes.

What is ‘door to port’ service?

This service is the payment to take your goods up to the port take your goods up to the port of your choice. This excludes local charges i.e. customs clearance, local port charges, agency fee local handling charges, local transport and customs duty and taxes.

How would I know when my goods arrive at my country?

You will get a notice of arrival from an agent at the destination port. We will also give you the agent’s details and approximate date of arrival of your goods. You need to contact the agent as soon as you arrive at the destination and follow it up with them.

How many free days can I get before the storage starts at the destination port? (This applies only to door to port cargo and not door to door)

It varies from country to country, so you will need to be in touch with the local agent. For whatever the reason if customs clearance gets delayed then storage will be incurred. We cannot advise you about cost of storage. You will need to clear your goods as soon as possible in order to avoid heavy storage charges.

Is insurance for my goods included in freight charges?

NO, unless you specifically request it.

We can get insurance cover for goods that are valued at more than £2000 and we will need the details of the itemise list. If your goods value less than £2000.00 you will need to get your own insurance cover.

Do Trico have offices in other countries?

Yes, please see our contact list.

Can I send goods from other countries to UK?

Yes, but we cannot advice cost of freight- please contact our branch office in the country of your choice.

What are the costs of import clearance in the UK?

Please follow the link to our import service >>

Do Trico send goods by air?

Yes. Please go to Services -> Air section here for more information.

What would be the cost?

It will depend on the destination and charges will be based on weight (either volume or dead weight) Please send us an email to info@tricointernational.co.uk with the number of pieces and weight.

How do I book a delivery of cartons?

Please send us an email or contact us by telephone to arrange a delivery of the cartons. On the day of delivery the driver will take a deposit depending on the number of boxes delivered and will issue you with a receipt. You can pay this by cash or cheque.

Can I cancel an order after it is submitted?

Yes, we do accept cancellations of orders however it should be done 48 hours before delivery is to take place.

How can I arrange a collection of my goods?

Please send us an email or phone us to arrange a collection. Before collection is arranged, please ensure that the goods are packed, sealed securely and each box is labelled with the receivers details. Please see the following link for instructions when dispatching your goods.